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  • Balanced Approach
    Balanced Approach We help you achieve the delicate balance between employee satisfaction and cost containment.
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  • Strategic Partner
    Strategic Partner Our experienced team can help you build a strong benefits portfolio and provide valuable support.
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  • Skillful Navigation
    Skillful Navigation In the constantly changing world of employee benefits, we can help you find your way.
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  • Expert Guidance
    Expert Guidance Innovative 401k solutions that help you contain costs and add value.
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  • Trusted Advisors
    Trusted Advisors Our Medicare expert can help you understand your options and guide you through the complex process.
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Employee Benefits

We constantly strive to be a strategic partner with our clients and an extension of the HR and management team - not just a broker or vendor.  We are committed to dedicating our expertise, time and resources to help you navigate the ever-more complex world of health insurance and related health benefits, and strategize optimal retirement programs. 



Medicare and all of the choices available to a senior can be confusing. Some plans have a premium per month and others do not. Likewise, it’s important you work with someone who knows Medicare and specializes in the senior market and someone who can explain the differences. We are available to work with you to keep it as simple as possible.



Selecting the best insurance plan for your individual needs means making an informed decision and knowing your personal priorities. What coverage do you need to protect your health and financial well-being, and provide peace of mind to you and your family? Consider these insurance choices: individual health, long-term care, personal disability, life and international travel. 




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