About Medicare

Ease the jump to Medicare.

We can educate retiring or current employees about the advantages of valuable Medicare coverage, and assist them at the appropriate time to enroll in Medicare plans to meet their specific needs.

Healthcare coverage for retiring employees, and those 65 and older who continue to work, can be complex and confusing.  We can simplify the Medicare maze.  We work to educate current employees about their options when turning age 65, helping them to avoid any future penalties or pitfalls.  We navigate the complexities of Prescription Rx benefits, including the challenges of creditable coverage. And we work one-on-one with retiring employees to evaluate their needs and review the best available Medicare and Supplemental coverage options, with a keen eye towards costs and value.

A Dedicated Medicare Resource.

“I have a passion for serving the senior community as a trusted advisor, offering my guidance to navigate health care options for individuals who reach age 65. My goal is to establish a strong relationship of trust and customer satisfaction with every client. And I will work hard to identify the best solutions to fit your specific needs.”

Paul Unpingco, licensed medicare advisor; contracted with many of the top carriers right where you live

What is Medicare?

Medicare is a federal health insurance program. It offers coverage for:
  •         People age 65 and older
  •         Certain disabled people under age 65
  •         Anyone with kidney failure

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services manages the program.

Depending on where you live, you will likely get your health care costs covered in one or more of these three ways:
  1.  Original Medicare Plan and a stand-alone Part D Prescription Drug Plan
  2.  Medicare Supplement or “Medigap” coverage and a stand-alone Part D Prescription Drug Plan
  3.  Medicare Advantage Plan

Looking for more detail regarding our Medicare services?

We have a separate dedicated site for individuals looking to explore Medicare options, for today, or for the future.

Let’s talk about your specific needs.