Offer strong benefits that reflect your values and meet the needs of your employees.


Definition: An organization that exists to serve the greater good, but must also operate as a business to remain viable. Without profits or stock options to reward employees, these entities must find creative ways to attract and retain good people without breaking the bank. Often this comes in the form of inspiring work, as well as very strong health benefits as a key part of compensation.


Revenues: $500k to $50M


Employees: Generally 5 to 150


Common challenges: Pressures to keep expenses and overhead low, while maintaining a strong package of health benefits to support employees in their work.

Case Study

Company: Citizen Engagement Laboratory (CEL)
Industry: Non-Profit Incubator and Fiscal Sponsor
Founded: 2008
Locations: HQ in Oakland, CA, with virtual office throughout the U.S.
Employees: 60+
Mindshare Client Since: 2011


CEL is a home for social entrepreneurs and a launch pad for new ideas and people projects that seek to change the world by leveraging the power of the internet. CEL has provided the expertise and infrastructure for dozens of startups, entrepreneurs, and philanthropic partners to expand the impact and reach of people powered change.


As a fiscal sponsor with dozens of small organizations under their umbrella, CEL was challenged to meet the needs of each group with competitive yet affordable benefits.  Frequent changes within the core HR and operations teams also led to inconsistent processes, and strained their ability to effectively manage HR and benefits administration across a wide geography. Additionally, the process of passing the cost for benefits through to their partners was overly complex and difficult for the finance team to administer.


As a partner who could understand and embrace their culture and objectives, we helped them to build a meaningful and cost-effective benefits package with universal appeal across their diverse groups.  Leveraging Maxwell Health, we also built custom workflows to streamline their onboarding, benefits administration, and billing processes. Simultaneously, we were also able to  deliver a greatly enhanced employee experience.


  • Continuity of benefits, resulting in higher value for employees and company
  • Less time spent on HR tasks and benefits administration
  • Predictability of benefits costs for future resource planning