Driving value – for your business and your employees.

We know that details matter. As a result, we dive deep to truly understand your culture, objectives, priorities, and challenges. We conduct heavy analysis to determine the best course of action in every situation. We read the fine print and challenge the status quo.  The results are better, smarter decisions, and higher levels of satisfaction.   

Through creative benefits design, strong education, and streamlined administration, we focus on a strong return on investment for your business and for employees.

Our mission is two fold:


For EMPLOYERS – to maximize value in employee benefits and HR. 

Contain costs

Streamline administration

Enhance communications


For EMPLOYEES – to optimize their employee benefits experience.



Provide Advocacy

We are firmly rooted in the Tri-Valley with clients across the SF Bay Area.  From tech start-ups who compete with Microsoft to engineering firms with offices across the country, we work with companies of all sizes and across all industries.

Our READY Process

Using our comprehensive READY approach, we analyze, design and implement solutions that match the needs of each client and the needs of each employee.

Review …

  • Company culture & growth plans
  • Challenges and opportunities
  • Compensation philosophy
  • Communication strategy
  • Budget and limitations

Evaluate …

  • Current benefits and HR
  • Employee satisfaction levels
  • Costs and contributions
  • Tools and technology

Analyze …

  • Market trends
  • Provider Networks
  • Funding and contribution models
  • Plan details
  • Cost-Benefit dynamics

Deliver …

  • Optimal solutions
  • Change management
  • Employee communication and advocacy
  • Technology system(s)

Yearly …

  • Annual Renewals management
  • Employee Open Enrollment
  • Compliance review
  • Cost control and ROI analysis
  • Quarterly reviews
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