Let your compliance be our concern.

Our team stays on top of changing rules and legislation so you don’t have to. We will keep you informed about requirements that apply specifically to your business, build a process to help you stay compliant, and give you the support you need when you need it the most.
The burden of compliance can feel overwhelming.  Our expert guidance helps alleviate your concerns, reduces the load on your HR and management teams, and keeps you on the right track.  And if you’re facing a DOL audit, we’ll manage you through the process to ensure a positive, penalty-free outcome.

Employee Benefits

With ever-changing legislation and confusing requirements, we clarify what is relevant to you and your employees and simplify the compliance process.  Throughout the year we will keep you up to date on compliance issues that affect you and your employees, often crafting communication to employees to answer their questions.  During the renewal cycle, we discuss pending reform and future impacts to the company and employees as it relates to benefits options, cost, and coverage requirements.

What’s most important is making sure your employees are served well, with proper communication and access to their benefits.  Our front end focus in these areas makes compliance easier, and pays off if ever faced with a DOL audit.

We provide expert guidance, news and insight as you need it in the following areas,

  • Legislative updates
  • Required forms and documents
  • Annual compliance review
  • ACA reporting
  • Health & Welfare Form 5500 Filing
  • DOL Audit Support


We can reduce or even eliminate your compliance risks in managing a 401k plan. To mitigate your risks as a plan sponsor, we provide advisory and plan management services including annual plan performance reviews, employee communications, and a process to ensure all notices are properly delivered. Taking it a step further, in partnership with BenefitGuard and certain other providers, we can actually absorb all of your risks of managing a planProfessional fiduciaries are appointed to prepare, file, and sign your 5500; perform compliance testing; and manage your audit (if applicable). They fulfill the administrative and investment fiduciary roles for you, including,

  • 3(16) plan administrator
  • 3(21) named fiduciary
  • 3(38) investment manager
  • Fiduciary bond holder ($1,000,000 for each plan)

There’s no more signing your name to documents you don’t have time to review, and might not understand. And if the IRS or Department of Labor come knocking, we will handle the resolution for you.

HR Support

As a service to our clients, we offer an array of HR compliance resources.  The HR Library from HR360 helps you stay compliant every step of the way with tools, guidelines and forms – all in downloadable, ready-to-use formats.  Content is managed by a team of attorneys and HR specialists, so you can be confident that you’re leveraging up-to-date, fully compliant information and documents.

Federal HR and Benefits Compliance

Easy-to-understand information and guidelines for major federal employment laws such as COBRA, HIPAA, FMLA, USERRA, and mandated benefits

State Specific HR Compliance

State-by-state information including wage and hour laws, benefits laws, and more

How to Hire and Terminate Employees to Prevent Costly Lawsuits

Featuring a great range of information necessary during the hiring or termination process

Online Human Resources Tools for Building Documents

A guided process to build your own, including:

  • Interview Questions
  • Employee Handbook
  • Performance Reviews
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