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Real People Doing Real Work

Technology alone is not enough

Technology is everywhere we turn, and many solution providers seem to believe that technology itself can provide everything necessary for businesses and employees to thrive; but technology itself can’t do everything.  Humans are still essential, and Mindshare Group has the experiences and resources to guide and assist with important HR services.
We are real humans working hard to help our clients hire, engage and manage their most important asset – their people. At Mindshare Group, we approach our HR Services from a people-centric model, not a tech-solves-everything model. We embrace technology and all of its benefits; but we believe that human interaction is paramount to delivering exceptional service to our clients. 
We aim to deliver high-touch support to you, your organization, and to your employees. We are accessible, responsive, and don’t hide behind chat engines or remote 800#’s to get things done. We understand that HR is a complex endeavor, now more than ever due to evolving virtual and hybrid work environments. As a result, real conversations are critical to understand each situation and need, and to deliver appropriate, customized solutions that work well for everyone involved. 

What We Do

We offer various levels of HR Services, allowing you to engage with us at a depth and scope that make sense for you and your organization.

Core HR Consulting

Ideal for start-ups, growth companies, and mature organizations who need help building and managing their HR functions

Our HR experts are available to assist with a wide variety of HR functions to support you and your organization, including (but not limited to):

  • Employee handbooks/ culture books
  • State and Federal Compliance
  • Safety & Return to Work policies
  • Employee Leave policies and procedures
  • New hire onboarding
  • Job descriptions
  • Employee relations issues
  • Supervisor guidance and coaching
  • Assistance with performance issues up to termination
  • Personnel file maintenance
  • Unemployment claims support
  • Training and development

Senior HR Consulting Services

Ideal for growing or mature organizations with more strategic HR needs

We have Senior HR Consultants on staff (and Senior HR specialists and partners) to tackle some of the more strategic issues that organizations may face, including:

  • Strategic Resource Planning
  • Employee Engagement
  • Policy Development, Rollouts, and Review
  • HR Compliance at the Federal, State, and Local Levels
  • High Growth Planning and Support
  • Termination Management
  • Employee Leave Management

HR Administration Services

Ideal for start-ups or growth clients who don’t have the time, budget or internal resources to set-up and manage their essential functions

Leveraging our best-practice HR approach across various payroll and HRIS platforms, let Mindshare Group manage your essential HR functions that span the employment lifecycle.

Project-based HR Services

Ideal for organizations that need additional HR expertise and resources to complete specific HR related projects

Beyond our consulting and administration efforts, we can jump in to help with specific HR priorities or projects as needed.

Workplace Harassment Training

A simple solution to meet workplace harassment training requirements in CA and other states

Leveraging HR technology & customized processes, we assist clients to deliver a positive Harassment Training experience for their employees.  As part of our process, we assist to track progress, ensure completion and manage required annual or bi-annual cycles.

workplace harassment training
Let’s get started.


We know one size does not fit all, so Mindshare HR partners with you, developing and delivering services and support that strengthens your organization and leads to greater success.


If you are ready to hire an HR expert to build or manage your HR functions, or need specific HR project-based work, we are here to help. Real people doing real work. Tailored to the needs of each client.