Partnership. Integrity. Exceptional Service.

These are the essential ingredients that guide our work with every client, every day.

We work with you, as a strategic partner and extension of your HR and management team.

This means we think about your business as if it’s our own. We consistently try to put ourselves in your shoes to understand your priorities, and to determine how we can help you to achieve success.

We work for you, not for insurance carriers or other service providers.

This means that we always put integrity over profits, seeking out the best solutions for you and your employees, regardless of the impacts to our own bottom line.  This is essential to being a trusted advisor, and we work diligently to remain neutral about the solutions we’re evaluating.  We’ll give you our expert opinions, of course; but we’re not going to recommend a plan, model, structure or service because it benefits us in some way.  And we refuse to be influenced or swayed by incentives or promotions that may exist.  Solutions we pursue are solely to benefit your organization and your employees.

We work swiftly, responding quickly to resolve issues that surface.

Because there are various moving parts in the worlds of employee benefits, 401k, and HR, various matters tend to crop up from day-day.  We strive to be proactive, heading off problems before they appear. But things are not always within our control, so we are committed to jumping on issues quickly and thoroughly to get them fixed.  Our goal is always the same: to deliver exceptional service and support on a daily basis.

Our Commitment to Clients


We promise to listen.

We promise to be responsive.

We promise to be honest, trustworthy, and highly professional.

We promise to meet the needs of your company and employees.

We promise to value your business as an extension of our own.