About Mindshare Group

Customized, service-oriented solutions, designed for scale, with a focus on value.

Since 2001, Mindshare Group has been a trusted advisor and provider of  Employee Benefits, HR, and Retirement Services.
Every day, our experienced team of advisors, analysts, client support, and HR specialists go above and beyond to provide exceptional service that delivers real value for our clients. After all, people are at the center of our work.
Technology is important – and we use the best available – but for us, it’s all about relationships. We listen to our clients in order to tailor the best solutions and services for their unique needs. We listen to employees to uncover the right mix of health and well-being plans to help provide peace of mind and security.

Our approach to work and client service is simple.

In all that we do, we value:

We work diligently to collaborate with our clients, partners, and one another. Effective communication helps us thrive.
We operate with integrity at the core of our endeavors. We work in an environment where the only agenda is how to best serve our clients and each other.
We take the necessary actions to get the job done for our clients. We pride ourselves on continuous learning, and the opportunity to perform fulfilling work.
We strive to balance our work-life with our lives outside of work. Flexibility serves our team and our clients.

Our Clients Tell Our Story Best!


*Based on recent client survey results, totaling 85% of our clients.

We care about our work and the level of service we provide. Every action we take is focused on meeting or exceeding your expectations. We understand this means delivering great service not only to you, but also to your employees… and their families, too.

4.9 out of 5 for our service*


*Based on yearly measure of retained clients. Does not include clients who were acquired or closed.

Our goal is to create lasting, mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships with our clients and their employees. We value your business as an extension of our own. We want to collaborate and work together to meet your objectives and become an indispensable trusted advisor.

98% customer retention*


*Based on data across multiple employee benefit surveys conducted with our clients.

Employees often feel they are paying too much and don’t get the benefits coverage expected. We work hard to change this paradigm. Combining a keen focus on managing costs with exceptional communication, support and administration, we maximize your return on investment and help you deliver benefits that delight your employees!

7 of 10 our client employees
rate their benefits as excellent
or very good*