Mature Organization

Ensure your benefits are best in class to compete locally and nationally.


Definition: An established entity, often with multiple office locations, that has recognized great success over many years in it’s industry. These organizations are more complex, with multiple tiers of employees and layers of management. Employee engagement and long term wellness are often high priorities for such enterprises, with substantial investments in health and retirement benefits to retain top talent.


Revenues: $5M to $250M


Employees: Generally 100 to 500


Challenges: Maintaining top notch benefits while controlling costs due to larger populations; driving HR efficiencies in the management and administration of all benefits.

Case Study

Company: Structural Integrity Associates, Inc.
Industry: Engineering Consulting
Founded: 1983
Locations: HQ in San Jose, CA, with offices in Akron OH, Austin TX, Charlotte NC, Denver CO, Parsippany NJ, San Diego CA, and State College PA
Employees: 260+
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Founded in 1983, Structural Integrity is an established global leader in providing engineering solutions for structural evaluation, failure analysis and repair across multiple industries. Blending state-of-the-art science, deep vertical experience, and old-fashioned customer service, they deliver solutions in prevention and control of structural and mechanical failures across various industries.


While the company maintained a very strong benefits package, highly competitive within the Silicon Valley, there was a fundamental disconnect with its culture. The design and communication of employee benefits did not properly reflect the company’s supportive, employee first mantra.  The result was below-average satisfaction and lower perceived value from employees, causing occasional problems with recruitment and retention.  In addition, the HR team was overburdened by the management and increasing administration of employee benefits.


After surveying employees about what was important to them, we worked closely with management to re-develop and essentially re-brand their employee benefits.  In addition, we implemented new and ongoing communication strategies to educate employees and highlight value, including a new Benefits Center, helpdesk, seminars, and Total Compensation Statements.  And along the way, we managed to reduce the costs of their health insurance, thanks to very positive (low) claims trends, and replace older systems to streamline administration.


  • Happier, more well-informed employees and healthcare consumers
  • Significant cost savings in health benefits for multiple years
  • Management team feeling great about the Return on Investment for health benefits
  • HR team with more time on their hands to focus on other strategic HR issues.