Young & Growing

Manage the evolution of your benefits and HR as your organization expands.


Definition: A company that has gained traction in their industry, with a successful business model and proven product or service, and is looking to grow to the next level. Companies in this category are starting to compete with the “big boys” to attract and retain top talent, so putting forth a compelling compensation and benefits package is critical.


Revenues: $10M to $50M


Employees: Generally 20 to 100


Common challenges: Cost-effectively expanding or enhancing employee benefits to compete with larger companies for top talent.

Case Study

Company: Beezwax Datatools, Inc.
Industry: Information Technology
Founded: 1996
Locations: HQ in Oakland, CA, with virtual locations throughout CA and Oregon
Employees: 25+
Mindshare Client Since: 2015


Founded in 1996, Beezwax is a software development and business consulting firm specializing in FileMaker, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails and iOS applications. The manage complex knowledge, capture business logic, streamline processes, and visualize unique information and assets.  They are a talented team that truly enjoys working collaboratively, in an environment where work lives are fully engaging and satisfying.


The company was frustrated with their health benefits package for employees.  It was misunderstood,  confusing, and too expensive. Altogether messy – for both the company and employees.  No one felt they were getting good value from the benefits package.


We came on the scene and fixed all of that.  We re-structured and enhanced their offerings; significantly changed the company and employee contribution model; implemented new technology to clean up administration; and educated employees in whole new ways about their benefits.


  • Much happier, more well-informed employees
  • Better healthcare consumers
  • A company feeling great about their ROI on benefits…even though they are now spending a little more money.